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Sprite Bottle 2 Ltr
The refreshing feeling of Sprite on a hot day is like finding an oasis in a desert. A market favourite for a very long time now, Sprite has created a niche for itself in the minds and hearts of the youngsters and the not so youngsters alike. Sprite gives you the best of both worlds: the fizzy and bubbly nature of a cold drink combined with the refreshing taste of lemon. It's crisp, it's clean, with the advantage of no caffeine. Together these flavours combine to give you an instant feeling of refreshment. It's as if the product ceases to be just a refreshing drink, becoming more of an easy and convenient way to start thinking new, thinking fresh! No matter what obstacle you face, Sprite will give you the required anergy and spirit to get the better of it, and come out triumphant. Enjoy its lemony flavour as it is or enjoy it on the rocks, the Sprite experience just gets better and better. All this with 100% natural flavours, no caffeine!! Just one sip and no matter what your head really goes " AAGE BADO, RASTA CLEAR HAI BOSS!!"
Tropicana Mixed Fruit Delight Fruit Juice 1 Ltr
Relish the goodness of mixed fruits! Rich in natural nutrients that provide daily health benefits. With no added preservative and no artificial coloring, this is the perfect fruit beverage to foster a healthy lifestyle. Great choice for making blended drinks.

Tropicana selects best fruits to manufacture high-quality juices and original products. It is committed to fostering healthy lifestyles by ensuring that its products are naturally nutritious and provide the daily benefits that one needs.
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