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Offer Patanjali biscuits, prepared cent percent of wheat flour, with no farina (maida) content, with no trisphate and cholesterol contents, to the guests. If it is given to the children, it supplements nutritious elements and water contents in the body. It also adds to the energy level to the body. It is easily digestible even for children and beneficial in constipation and stomach diseases. It has honey, which helps in strengthening brain power of the children, while it also supplies vitamin – A and minerals salt to the elders. It also stops bone-decaying in the old age.
Patanjali Corn Flakes Mix, 500g
Patanjali corn flakes mix with low fat, rich in iron and zero cholesterol.
Patanjali choco flakes 125 gm
Patanjali Chocos Flakes are made from wheat flour and they provide for a wholesome morning breakfast. The choco flavour added to the flakes make it an attractive breakfast package for kids. Chocos Flakes are best served with hot or cold milk early in the morning or any time of the day when you feel hungry. So have a bowl of Baba Ramdev Patanjali Chocos Flakes and munch on the chocolate taste for a healthy breakfast.
Patanjali Cow Milk Powder (MM106)
Patanjali Cows Whole Milk Powder, A product of Patanjali Ayurved. To make a fluid not below the composition of toned milk, mix seven point two five parts of warm water by volume to one part of milk powder by weight and stir vigorously. The contents of this pack on reconstitution as per the directions have the equivalent of 1.6 liter of toned milk.
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